Fishing at Belwood Lake is a popular pastime. Hook, line, and sinker!

If you’re trolling for the best fishing spots at Belwood Lake, cast your line! Check out these Lake Belwood fishing maps: GPS Nautical Maps and The Fishing Guide

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Wondering what fish are present in Belwood Lake? 

The main fish species in Belwood Lake include smallmouth bass, carp, bullhead catfish, black crappie, yellow perch, northern pike, sunfish, and walleye.

There is an exceptional tailwater fishery that is located just downstream of the Shand Dam. Brown trout thrive in these waters thanks to the dam bringing colder water from lower levels of Belwood Lake.  

If you’re lucky enough to own a cottage at Belwood Lake, hop in your boat or fish right from your dock. 

If you’re a day visitor, visit the Belwood Lake Conservation Area operated by the Grand River Conservation Authority to access the boat launch to the reservoir.

Set your GPS for: 8282 Wellington County Rd. 18, Fergus, ON, N1M 2W5.
Telephone: 519-843-2979.
Motorized boats are allowed on Belwood Lake.

There is a pond next to the Hampton Barn in the Belwood Lake Conservation Area that is stocked with trout for kids aged 13 and under.

Another public boat launch is located in the village of Belwood – at the north end of the lake. Boat launching is available at Erni’s Place Restaurant & Pizza, 5 George Street in Belwood. Telephone: 519-843-5655.

The Lake Belwood Pike Derby is a much-celebrated annual event! Organized by the Belwood & District Lions Club, the Belwood Lions Pike Derby 2024 will be the 42nd Annual Pike Derby!

For the winter hardy, when conditions allow, there is ice fishing at Lake Belwood for perch, walleye, and northern pike. 

Fun Fact: The average Lake Belwood carp weighs 5-6 lbs.

Fun Fact: Brown trout are cold water fish, living in waters with temperatures ranging from 13 – 17°C. Br-r-r-r!

Helpful Tip: Proven bass hotspots are near the islands, along the shorelines, and in the northern section of the lake into the Grand River channel. 

“Guests, like fish, begin to smell after 3 days”.

~ Benjamin Franklin